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Company Profile


PCB Power Transformers was established in 1989, and is wholly owned by a female HDI.

PCB Power Transformers has grown from strength to strength to become a sustainable HDI owned electrical manufacturing company which aspires to grow and be recognized as a role player in the electrical manufacturing field.


The main objectives of PCB Power Transformers are to:

  • Identify business opportunities in all market sectors and to tender for such.
  • To grow as a small/medium emerging business.
  • To provide exemplary workmanship through continual staff training and up-liftment.


PCB Power Transformers owns a 4000 m2 factory situated in Industria, Gauteng. It contains all the facilities necessary to build and test new transformers to customers’ specifications.


We currently have 6 vehicles ( from 1/2 ton to 6 ton) that service the Gauteng region on a daily basis.


We have a large number of winding machines to cater for the full range of transformers we produce. These range from fully automatic programmable machines to those capable of winding heavy copper foil.

The Steel fabrication section has a 3 meter x 6mm guillotine, 100 Ton press brake, large radial arm drill, welding bays and a spray booth enabling us to produce tanks in-house.

The press shop has five eccentric presses for stamping laminations and steel cans, as well as spot welding equipment.

Our test bay contains all the instruments required to perform routine tests according to SANS 780 (including an automatic Ratiometer, Tinsley dual channel Resistance Bridge and Norma power analyser).

We are also able to perform in-house temperature rise (heat run) tests according to SANS 780 type test requirements.


  • Our forte is manufacturing specialised transformers.
  • We manufacture a range of single and three phase Transformers, Current Transformers, PCB
    Transformers, Chokes, Low Voltage Lighting Transformers and Ballasts.
  • We manufacture Mini-Sub Stations with Oil and SF6 Switchgear.
  • We also cater for the Mining industry by manufacturing general purpose and lighting oil cooled
  • Transformers in this range are: 1VA to 1600 kVA, single and three phase, air or oil cooled.
  • We are a major manufacturer of Distribution Boards for the Swimming Pool and Spa industry.
  • Laminations and cores are punched / cut in-house from imported steel.
  • Our Metal section produces transformer tanks, enclosures and cans for our lighting products.
  • We produce lighting chokes for Tridonic South Africa.
  • Kama Coils manufacturing was taken over in 2011, this includes Resistors, Coils and NER’s.